The Mont-Redon spirit


The respect of the high average age of our vines, the oldest being almost one hundred years old, requires the greatest care. In order to obtain the best of our terroir, our teams carry out a tailored and handcrafted work to each vine: gentle pruning that respects the sap flow, disbudding, leaf removal and green harvesting if necessary, manual weeding around each vine...

During the manual harvest, a first sorting is made in the vineyard and a second sorting on an optical table. After fermentation, we keep away the wines that do not correspond to our criteria and sell them in bulk. Only the best wines are kept for maturing in vats and in Burgundian barrels. In the end of the aging process, we keep pursuing excellence in our blends. We proceed to the ultimate selection and only keep the batches that allow us to produce wines with great depth and harmony.


Being a winemaker means having a long term vision. We are in charge of a several million years old terroir, where the vines planted by our ancestors allow us to produce great wines today. With these values of transmission, we know that we are planting today the vines for tomorrow's generations.

Our farming practices are oriented towards a long-term vision of preserving our environment: resting the land between two plantings with melliferous plant cover, return to full tillage, highlighting the value of manual work, recycling our wastewater on reed bed, planting of traditional plant species of the Provencal landscape ...
In 2018, Château Mont-Redon obtained the High Environmental Value level 3 certification.


Over generations, Château Mont-Redon has always striven to excellence.
Taking the greatest care of our vines and the land is not only a form of respect but also a matter of evidence for us. Every day, we cultivate, with patience and passion, our vines according to the rhythm of nature and with respect for our exceptional terroir.
In the cellar, the winemaking is barely interventionist but precise. Priority is given to the expression of the different terroirs and to the right maturity of the grapes. No imposed rhythm, the wine sets its own pace and dictates its law for the maturation.

This quest for excellence is deeply rooted in the history of the estate but also in the family culture by the continuous search for innovation and improvement in order to express vintage after vintage, with great constancy, the soul of Mont-Redon.