The complementarity of our terroirs

Château Mont-Redon is located in the Northwestern of Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation. The estate has the privilege of possessing the three emblematic terroirs of the appellation: mainly the pebbles of the plateau, then the safres (compact sand) and the urgonian limestones. These three very complementary terroirs are the keystone of the complexity and quality of our wines.

The pebbles of the plateau with their subsoil of thin clayish layers provide an optimal water supply and yield an exceptional quality of grapes even in case of drought or heat wave.

The limestone soils, on the other hand, do not fear more rainy vintages and always produce dense, chalky syrahs as well as whites with great minerality. Syrahs planted on our safres terroirs produce elegant, aromatic and intense wines.

This perfect complementarity of our terroirs combined with low yields ensures the identity and consistency of Mont-Redon wines.